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SoundView Broadcasting is the exclusive North American distributor of PTV Global, TVONE Global, and AAJ TV, three of Pakistan’s leading providers of televisions news and entertainment. Available to U.S. viewers on Dish Network and Time Warner Cable, these channels reach thousands of households across North America, providing a rich mix of news, current events, entertainment, information and sports.

Pakistani-Americans are avid consumers of Pakistani news, sports, politics and entertainment. The surest way to meet the needs of this expanding demographic is to advertise with Soundview Broadcasting.

Some facts about Pakistani-Americans*:

  • Estimated US population: 750,000
  • Median age: 29
  • Located primarily in: NY, NJ, LA, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, DC, Detroit, and Atlanta.
  • Having doubled in size from 2000 to 2010, Pakistani Americans are the second fastest growing and seventh largest Asian American ethnic group.
  • Approximately 65% are foreign-born. 34% of the foreign-born population entered between 2000 and 2010.
  • Roughly 81% of legal permanent residents born in Pakistan entered the country as the immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or under family-sponsored preferences, while 16% entered under employment-based preferences.
  • 86% of them speak languages other than English at home.
  • More than one-quarter has limited proficiency in English.
  • 12% of households are linguistically isolated, thus creating an island for mainstream advertisers to reach them through Urdu-language channels.

Buying Power:

  • Median Income of Pakistani Households is $62,744, as compared to a National median of $51,361.
  • 60% have a Bachelor’s or higher degree. 87% are high school educated
  • Career concentrations: healthcare, business professionals, and entrepreneurs
  • 45% of Pakistanis are renters, thus providing an opportunity for mortgages and allied marketing.
  • Approximately 14% of Pakistani-Americans live in overcrowded housing (due to traditional joint-family structures), making them four times as likely as the general population to do

* Source: The Asian American Center for Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice) and US Census bureau 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010


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