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We offer a top-to-bottom turnkey broadcast solution allowing anyone to broadcast to or receive from anywhere in the world at any time.

Services available:

  • Satellite Downlink Services
  • Connectivity to all major teleports in the world
  • Co-locate facilities available
  • International Backhaul Services
  • PAL-NTSC Format Conversion
  • Master Control & Uplink Facility

Multiple signal source backups ensure complete broadcast integrity at all times.
Our own Fiber-optic IPLC Circuits guarantees consistent signal quality, unaffected by other network traffic.


We have:

      Hong Kong: OC3
        Singapore: DS3
        T.H., France: 100 MB
        Dishnetwork: OC3
        DirectTV: DS3
        Rogers, Canada: DS3
        Bell TV, Canada: DS3 

POPs (Points of Presence) assure additional redundancy          

  • 111 8th Avenue        
  • 60 Hudson Street
  • Telehouse, France
  • Equinox, Singapore


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